Through our Welfare Service we are able offer ex-service men and women of all ages across Lochaber help to adapt to civilian life by providing community, friendship and practical advice, irrespective of when they left military service. We are also able to provide assistance as and when required to meet the specific circumstances of those in need.

Within the Branch we are fortunate to have three Branch Welfare Officers; one of whom is also the Welfare Coordinator for the whole of the Highlands and Islands Area and another who is the Branch Welfare Coordinator.

              Bruce James

Branch Welfare Coordinator


            David Brady

Branch Housing Coordinator


Due to the Recent pandemic it has been heartwarming to see the efforts being done by all at the branch and none more so than the efforts of the committee with support from various retailers to deliver to Veterans and members who are in self-isolation.

 This is a very challenging tim,e not just ourselves but for everyone but  has been seen throughout the Branch area there has been some great support. 

  If any veteran has any issues please get in touch with our welfare officers in confidence.


The service we provide promotes friendship and comradeship, and offers advice and signposting to veterans and their families who may encounter a range of challenges resulting from military service including:

• Isolation
• Unemployment
• Housing issues
• Financial
• Bereavement
• Benefits
• General lack of wellbeing



Within the Branch we consider it to be the responsibility of everyone to provide welfare support to other members as and when it is required. This may be as simple as helping someone to have their medals re-mounted or taking someone shopping but all done at a level where a quick fix can improve the wellbeing of that person.


For problems of a more complex nature we are able to call upon the support of others who are suitably qualified within Legion scotland.



We do not claim to have all the answers; but we do have a wealth of knowledge that allows us to act as a guide through the maze of the various veterans’ charities and services operating in Scotland. We can link into local authorities, the NHS and the Department for Work and Pensions, SSAFA, CAB, and PoppyScotland to name but a few.

Disablement Pensions Advice Service

We do not offer this service directly within the Branch but what we will do is signpost individuals to the Pensions & Appeals department within our Edinburgh HQ.


Through them individuals can get help with form filling, and representation at tribunals for pensions including: the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, War Widows Pension and Supplementary Allowances.



The Branch has limited funds that, depending upon the circumstances, may be used to assist those in need of support.


However, HQ Legion Scotland has a range of grants that can be used to assist ex-service men and women and their families and a Branch Befriender can advise people about these.



Within Lochaber we are the custodians of remembrance and it is part of the heart of what we do. To learn more please visit our Remembrance page.

Veterans Scotland Housing


The Branch now has contacts through Veterans Scotland Housing for the allocation of two proporties within Fort William. The project is still at the early stages but in the interim period additional information can be obtained via David or Ellie Brady.


It is hoped to expand on this section as the project gathers momentum.


Above all else providing comradeship to ex-service men and women is what we are about. We achieve this by encouraging people to gather socially with other like-minded people via the medium of sports events, day trips to places of interest, participation in parades and commemorative events and Branch Lunches / Dinners.


To find out what is currently available please visit our  What's On? page.

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