Within the Branch, members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and activities at a level that suits all abilities and experience; this can be done either as an individual or as a member of a Branch team.

Many sports and activities are played against other Branches as part of a coordinated RBLS competition. Therefore, members are given the opportunity to visit other Branches and to socialise with other like minded people and to possibly meet old friends and comrades.

The sports and activities that the Branch normally participates in are: Angling; Bowls; Cribbage; Darts; Dominoes; Football; Gardening; Golf; Standard Bearing competition and the Best Kept War Memorial competition.

Further details on all sports, activities, competitions and Branch teams can be obtained from Colin MacDonald, the Branch Sports Member, or Ton Weldon the Vice-Branch Sports Member.


Sport Host / Venue Date Remarks
Indoor Bowls      
Snooker & Billiards      
Standard Bearing      

Fly Fishing





Sea Angling      
Bowls (Singles / Rinks)      

Small Bore Shooting

On the 18th of January Stuart Gallagher, Iain Gregor, Fraser Mackay and James Porter went along to Lochaber rifles clubs range to take part in the H&Is area small bore shooting competition this had been organised between Iain Gregor, Tony Weldon and Lochaber rifle club members to assist with facilitating this event.

 The targets were then sent to the Area sports convener. we then had to wait for other results to come in from other branches unfortunately due to current circumstances other branches could not fulfil their own shoots. Fort William RBLS having fulfilled ours have been declared winners this year with an overall score of 320 points

The individual scores were:

Stuart Gallacher 87 points.

Fraser MacKay 79 points

Iain Gregor 78 points

James Porter 76 points

The branch would like once again to thank the following for helping us in taking part in this year’s competition: Neville Collier, Anthony Slade Martyn Asker, and our very own Iain Gregor, also James Porter for the brilliant range stew and tea.

INDOOR BOWLS For the first time ever, on Sat 16 Feb 2019 the Branch participated in the Area Indoor Bowls Competition.

Because the Branch were very much the underdogs the team was delighted to find themselves in the play-off for runner-up against Aviemore.


Initially the Branch were leading by 14 - 3 but Aviemore fought back and eventually narrowly pipped our team.


Even so the team had a good day and this gave them something to build on for 2020.

ACTIVITIES - 2019 Results

CRIBBAGE - On Saturday 23 February our cribbage team and a gallant band of supporters headed off to Orkney for the H&I Area Cribbage Competition. We normally do well in this competition and, as we were the defending champions of the pairs competition hopes were high.


In the pairs competition we had John Garrick and Colin MacDonald who played well throughout the day but could only secure runner-up after a very tight competition.


Ironically, this means that the Branch name will be the first to appear on the new Dougie MacLaughlan Shield, which the Branch presented to Area in honour of Dougie.


Paul Martin represented us in the singles competition where he played superbly and emerged victorious.


Irrespective of the outcome, well done to all three on a magnificent performance.


DARTS - On Saturday 23 February the darts team also travelled to Orkney to take part in the Area Darts Competition. Once again the standard of play from other teams was extremely high and, as a consequence, the Branch was knocked out in the early rounds.


Even so everyone had a great time and many new friendships were made.

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